WELCOME!!! Admissions Open for the year 2024-2025

Bachelor Of Arts

A. Languages
Paper – I Basic Kannada (NEP-For I Semesters only)
Basic English (CBCS-For III Semesters only)
Paper – II Basic English / Hindi (NEP-For I Semesters only)
Basic Kannada / Hindi (CBCS-For III Semesters only)
*For V semesters any one Language – English/Kannada/Hindi

B. DSC Subjects

B.A I Semester – As per NEP-2021-22
Two subjects of equal importance.
Group - C1 Group – C2
Kannada History
English Economics
Pol-science Agricultural Marketing
Sociology Journalism and Mass Communication
B.A III & V Semester - As per CBCS & Non-CBCS
Group-A Group-B Group-C
Kannada History Economics
English Journalism & Mass Communication Agricultural Marketing
Political-Science Sociology
C. OEC & SEC Subjects
B.A I Semester – As per NEP-2021-22 (OEC)
1. Human Rights
2. Developments Studies
3. Cultural History of Karnataka Part-I
*Students can select one subject.
B.A III Semester - As per CBCS (SEC)
1. Architecture of Karnataka
2. Writing Skills
*Students can select one subject.
D. Compulsory Subjects:
B.A I Semester – As per NEP-2021-22
I-Semester Digital Fluency (SEC-1)
I-Semester Physical Education –Yoga (VBC-1)
I-Semester Health & Wellness (VBC-2)
III-Semester Extra & Co-curricular Activities
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